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Payroll Q&A - Genuine redundancy and re-employment
29 November 2016
Question: If a former employee (along with other employees) was made redundant in July 2016 due to an organisational restructure, are they able to return to work for the same employer in the same tax year either as an employee or...
GST – Consultants/Contractors and Reimbursements
29 November 2016
It is reasonably common for consultants and contractors providing services to seek reimbursement for costs - such as travel expenses - in addition to the charge for services. However, the GST treatment of such reimbursements depends on the arrangements entered...
Payroll Q&A – How Will Employers Report Reportable Fringe Benefits Under the Single Touch Payroll (STP) Proposals?
3 November 2016
Question: One of the advantages of the Single Touch Payroll (STP) initiative is for employers to do away with the need to issue Annual Payment Summaries to employees given the ATO will have the relevant information by way of what is...
FBT – Simplified Approach for Calculating FBT for Fleet Cars
3 November 2016
The operating cost method of calculating the FBT payable on a car fringe benefit requires more onerous paperwork to be kept than the statutory formula method. Part of this paperwork includes maintaining a log book of travel undertaken in the...
FBT Q&A – Non-Salary Packaged Entertainment of PBI Employers
4 October 2016
Question: With the introduction of the $5,000 cap in regards to salary packaged meal entertainment and entertainment facility leasing expense benefits commencing from 1 April 2016, what impact does this have for a PBI employer where, for example, meal entertainment is...
GST – GST and Council Rates
4 October 2016
Why are Council Rates not subject to GST? It is a longstanding and settled concept that Council rates are not subject to GST. Below is a brief analysis explaining why this is the case. Taxable Supply An entity makes a taxable supply where...
GST Q&A – Supplier not GST Registered
31 August 2016
Question: We have discovered that a supplier that was never registered for GST has been issued invoices stating they are inclusive of GST (which we have then claimed on the BAS). We have been reading through your recent article 'GST –...
GST – State and Territory GST Issues - Matters on the ATO's Mind
31 August 2016
The Minutes (published in August 2016)from a meeting held on 27 April 2016 of the GST - States and Territories Industry Partnership deal with State and Territory concerns in relation to the following aspects of GST: (a) GST-free supply...
FBT Q&A – Does the hiring of a marquee constitute an entertainment facility leasing expense?
3 August 2016
Question: We are a PBI employer and for our annual end of year function we hired a marquee and had it set up in the nearby botanical gardens with a pop up bar facility and catering. The provision of the food and...
GST – Insurance proceeds
3 August 2016
The GST regime contains special rules for insurance. There are two basic components of insurance: the premium and the settlement. Premiums The insurance premium is generally the consideration provided to obtain the benefits under the insurance policy. Depending on the type of insurance...
FBT – Modified cars and the 'workhorse' exemption
5 July 2016
A car that is not a taxi, utility or panel van will qualify as a car eligible for exemption under s 8 of the FBT Act if it is not designed for the principal purpose of carrying passengers. According to MT...
Salary Packaging – Super Guarantee shortfall
5 July 2016
Just about every payroll officer in the country should already know that employer superannuation contributions must be paid quarterly so that the employer has no exposure to the Superannuation Guarantee Charge. Failure to make the contributions by the due date...
Eligibility – Are your 'responsible persons' truly responsible? – ACNC Governance Standard 4
5 July 2016
An entity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) is required to be controlled by persons (its responsible persons) who meet certain suitability standards. This article considers the ACNCs view of the minimum steps an organisation should take...
Eligibility – Fuel Tax Credits post script – incidental travel on public roads
5 July 2016
In our previous article 'Incidental Travel on Public Roads'(published in March 2016 newsletter), we discussed the release of Practical Compliance Guideline 2016/4, where the ATO considers guidelines for what is fair and reasonable apportionment of taxable fuel by certain types...
Eligibility – ATO updates Mutuality Guidelines
5 July 2016
For some not-for-profit entities, their objects and activities are such that 'blanket' income tax exemption is not available on the basis they do not align with specific or general categories of exemption available under the income tax legislation. The Mutuality Principle...

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